Stickybones Inc.

10 Stickybones Bundle

  • 10 Stickybones Bundle

Stickybones Inc.

10 Stickybones Bundle


What this Bundle includes:

  • 10 Stickybones Figures (Colors may vary depending on availability)
  • 10 Stainless Steel Pose Plates


Indispensable for Artists and Animators to illustrate and animate ideas quickly with their hands.  Stickybones are designed and manufactured in the USA, and feature a revolutionary, patented joint system that unlock infinite possibilities for posing.  Because of the ease-of-use, Stickybones art & animation figures are indispensable for professionals and beginners alike.  Stickybones stand 8.5" and are made of custom engineering-grade polymers for ultimate strength and durability.  Stickybones patented joint system, enables intuitive movement of the joints giving you an ability to find a wide-range of appealing poses very quickly.  Stickybones comes equipped with 6 rare-earth magnets contained within the parts.  A high-quality stainless steel round pose plate is included with each Stickybones, and functions as a magnetic platform for posing your Stickybones.

Product Details
  • Colors:   4 Blue Sky, 4 Solar Flare, 2 Dark Storm
  • Materials:   Custom Polymers
  • Measurements:   8.5" L x 1" W x 1" H
  • Designed/Engineered/Manufactured:   United States
  • Includes High-Quality Magnetic Stainless Steel Pose Platform

— Custom Engineering-Grade Polymer Construction
— Patented Joint System Enabling Fast & Easy Intuitive Movement of Joints
— Unparalleled Wide-Range of Motion, Strength and Durability
— 6 Powerful internal Rare-Earth Magnets Contained Within Parts (Palms, Toes, & Heels)
— Precision Design & Molding
— 18 Gauge Stainless Steel 5" Round Pose Plate Included

Revolutionary Patented Joint System

Custom Materials--Built to Last

Insanely Fun & Flexible