Stickybones, Inc. is an art-tech and animation entertainment company, driven to empower artists and toy enthusiasts with high-quality products designed to ignite the imagination and express ideas faster and more playfully.

Building on an innovative approach to product design and our revolutionary joint system, we manufacture and distribute high performance poseable figures and accessories. The passion and essence of our brand is illustrated through thousands of professional and amateur artists, and toy enthusiasts all around the world, who rely on Stickybones products to provide the absolute highest quality, defining a new standard of precision functionality and intuitive design. We're currently building a global wholesale network, Stickybones products are sold to customers in 100+ countries.

With the years of knowledge gathered working in the animation industry, we've worked hard to pour these nuggets of creative goodness into the development of our first product, called Stickybones.  Stickybones is a versatile, precisely calibrated poseable figure used to articulate expressive poses quickly with your hands.  The convenient desk-top size and intuitive ease of use empower artists, students, and practitioners of movement to explore, create faster, and have a lot fun doing it!
We've been working on a number of new products, and we're looking forward to announcing our new lineup of products later this year.