Begins June 1st!

To participate in Pose-a-Palooza and get four chances to win a $100 Stickybones gift card (one winner each week,) follow these easy steps:

  1. Check out our daily pose prompts on Instagram or on this page below.
  2. Create a pose with your Stickybones figure based on the prompt.
  3. Post your pose on Instagram with the hashtag #Stickybones_Poseapalooza and make sure to tag us @stickybones.pose
  4. Complete all 5 poses before the end of that week to qualify for the weekly prize.

By participating, you'll also get to boost your creativity, improve your posing and animation skills, and increase mindfulness. So don't miss out on the fun and gratifying experience of Pose-a-Palooza!

(FAQ at bottom)

Not only will you have a chance to win a $100 Stickybones gift card each week, but participating in the challenge also comes with other great benefits:


  • Boost your creativity: The challenge will encourage you to think outside the box and come up with unique poses.
  • Improve your posing and animation skills with this daily practice.
  • Join the community: Connect with other creatives and share your love of animation, art and Stickybones!  Then learn from others by viewing their poses.
  • Increased mindfulness: The focus required during the art of posing Stickybones can keep you mindful and present in the current moment.
  • Fun and enjoyment:  Enough said!



Q:  Do I need to have a Stickybones figure to participate in the challenge?

A:  The human figure(s) used in Pose-A-Palooza must be Stickybones.


Q:  Do I need to post my pose on Instagram to participate in the challenge?

A:  Yes


Q:   What if I miss a day of the challenge?

A:  If you post it before the end of the weekly deadline, you can still be eligible for the weekly prize.


Q:  Can I use other materials besides Stickybones to create my pose?

A:  Yes, absolutely! Props, clothes are fine to use along with your Stickybones Figure.  You can get as detailed a you want, or you can keep it simple.  Up to you!


Q:  Can I do the prompts out of order?

A:  As long as you post all 5 poses for the week by the weekly deadline, you can change the order, but only if they're all within the *same* week.


Q:  Can I use more than one Stickybones figure?

A:  Yes!  


Q: Can I use any color Stickybones?

A: Yes!


Q:  Will Blizzard Pre-Orders be shipped before the event?

A:  Unfortunately, we can't guarantee that pre-ordered Blizzard Stickybones will ship before the event.


Q:  How will the winners of the gift card be selected?

A:  The weekly winners will be chosen by Team Stickybones based on appeal of pose, clarity of emotion and the overall look of the final image.


Q:  When will the winners be announced?

A:  The weekly winners will be announced on Instagram at the end of each week and will be issued a $100 Stickybones gift card.


Q:  How can I connect with other participants in the challenge?

A:  We encourage you to click on the hashtag #Stickybones_poseapalooza and interact with the other participants!


Q:  Can I participate if I'm not a professional artist or animator?

A:  Yes!  Pose-A-Palooza is open to anyone with a Stickybones figure!  It's about fun, skill development and community connection!


Q:  Can I still participate if I don't have an Instagram account?

A:  To be eligible for the $100 gift cards, you must submit your poses through Instagram.  So, to be blunt--no.


Q:  Do I have to use the official prompts to participate?

A:  Yes


Q:  Can I use other human figures or toys instead of Stickybones to participate in the challenge?

A:  No


Q:  Can I share my poses on other social media platforms besides Instagram?

A:  Sure! But remember the official Pose-A-Palooza is on Instagram, so poses must be posted there to be eligible for prizes.