Stickybones Inc.

3 Stickybones Bundle—Multicolor (DISCOUNTED $111!)

  • 3 Stickybones Bundle—Multicolor (DISCOUNTED $111!)

Stickybones Inc.

3 Stickybones Bundle—Multicolor (DISCOUNTED $111!)


What this Bundle includes:

  • 3 Stickybones Figures (1 of each color: Solar Flare, Blue Sky, and Dark Storm)


Indispensable for Artists and Animators to illustrate and animate ideas quickly with their hands.  Stickybones are designed and manufactured in the USA, and feature a revolutionary, patented joint system that unlock infinite possibilities for posing.  Because of the ease-of-use, Stickybones art & animation figures are indispensable for professionals and beginners alike.  Stickybones stand 8.5" and are made of custom engineering-grade polymers for ultimate strength and durability.  Stickybones patented joint system, enables intuitive movement of the joints giving you an ability to find a wide-range of appealing poses very quickly.  Stickybones comes equipped with 6 rare-earth magnets contained within the parts.  A high-quality stainless steel round pose plate is included with each Stickybones, and functions as a magnetic platform for posing your Stickybones.

Product Details
  • Color:   Solar Flare, Blue Sky, and Dark Storm
  • Materials:   Custom Polymers
  • Measurements:   8.5" L x 1" W x 1" H
  • Designed/Engineered/Manufactured:   United States
  • Includes High-Quality Magnetic Stainless Steel Pose Platform

— Custom Engineering-Grade Polymer Construction
— Patented Joint System Enabling Fast & Easy Intuitive Movement of Joints
— Unparalleled Wide-Range of Motion, Strength and Durability
— 6 Powerful internal Rare-Earth Magnets Contained Within Parts (Palms, Toes, & Heels)
— Precision Design & Molding
— 18 Gauge Stainless Steel 5" Round Pose Plate Included

Revolutionary Patented Joint System

Custom Materials--Built to Last

Insanely Fun & Flexible