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Create & Animate Infinite Poses Quickly

Introducing Stickybones The World's Most Poseable Freestanding Human Figure.

Stickybones is a revolutionary product that lets you quickly grab hold of your ideas and physically pose or animate them in expressive waysIt's like a Poseable Sculpture Perfectly Calibrated for you to Animate!

The poseable animation figure you always wanted and never existed — until now.

Stickybones is a new type of super-poseable human figure, constructed with our high-precision, patent-pending joint system.  Stickybones is made to be animated, and excels at holding poses and being smoothly positioned into highly expressive and gravity-defying poses.  Made of industrial strength materials, he's comprised of interlocking parts with pre-tensioned, snap-to-fit, ball and sockets.  When snapped together, he becomes a highly articulated, precision-posable, bipedal character that can be smoothly and incrementally positioned and animated into an infinite range of possibilities that meet and exceed the natural human range of motion.

                                                             Range Of Motion

                       Hands & Feet


Revolutionary Combination Of Features

Insanely Flexible

Shoulder Range Demo

What is Stickybones?

Stickybones Is Ready To Pose & Animate Right Out Of The Box.

CG Animator Does First Stop-Motion With Stickybones

Versatile Uses:


"I've been a CG animator throughout my entire career, however, I've always really wanted to try animating a character in stop-motion!  Since I work here at Stickybones, I grabbed one of our characters to take him for a spin.  I decided to animate a quick ballet move with Stickybones twirling on a single toe with no supports, drilling, or other tie-downs.  Just a camera, some lights and Stickybones on the stage.  To be honest, doing this single shot made me fall in love with the process of stop-motion.  I felt rewarded with every single camera frame successfully captured!  I can't wait to do my next stop-motion animation! And all of us here at Stickybones can't wait to see what everyone else creates!"

- Lauren Baker


Photos Courtesy of Mickey Adolph

Use Stickybones As Artistic Reference

Painter and feature film animator, Emanuele Pavarotti, paints a pose he created with Stickybones.

The                          Artist's Companion


Artist and feature film animator,  Garrett Shikuma, quickly poses Stickybones to inspire characters he digitally sketches on his tablet.


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• Patented Two-Material Joint Construction For Optimum Strength & Function


Save Time

Engineered To Hold

Erik Baker | CEO, Co-Founder

Feature Film Character Animator

The Stickybones Team

Lauren Wells Baker | Co-Founder

Feature Film Character Animator

Liz Frueler | Product Marketing

Manager, Autodesk

Garin Gardiner | Fusion 360

Sr. Business Development Manager, Autodesk

James Allen | Director,

VisualAid Inc.

Stickybones FAQs

Q:  Will you offer a surface or base that Stickybones can attach to?

A:  Yes.  Stickybones comes with a specially-treated ferrous metal surface to display your sweet poses. 

Q:  How do the joints work?
A:  Stickybones are comprised of pre-tensioned, interlocking, snap-to-fit ball and socket parts you can pop apart and back together, when desired.  This allows Stickybones to be more modular and enhances the ability to modify the appearance and swap parts with variations we may release in the future.  This pre-tensioned ball and socket design also opens up the freedom of motion, maximizing the rotational range of our joints on the X,Y, Z axis.

Q:  How are the joints able to hold extreme poses with repeated use?
A:  Stickybones joints are robust in design and construction.  They are made with a combination of high-performance and highly wear-resistant materials, enabling them to maintain their stiffness and ability to hold your poses with repeated use.  As animators, we understand the importance of having stiff joints and precision functionality to consistently hold poses and create performances.  From the outset, creating a solution that enables our joints to endure repeated use has remained at the heart of our Stickybones design and functionality.   

Q: Does Stickybones require additional work before I can start using it?
A:  No additional work required.  Stickybones is made to be an "out-of-the-box" solution for those who want to get right to posing and animating as quickly as possible.  We've designed Stickybones to have a high degree of skeletal functionality and mobility, while combining the benefit of having a simplified human form from the start.



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